Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas App Reviews

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Good game

Its worth the$7 to have a fun game that you can play without wifi.


I would love this game if it let me downloaded it

All we had to do was follow the damn train CJ

Ill have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

My Childhood Game Is on Iphone!!

Ive played this back in the day on ps2, played it again on ps3 and ps4, and now is on the phone!! I can play on the road or were ever i go. Best gta game ever hands down!!

Good game

Its a good game but it crashes every time I open it, please fix


Cant beat the classics my dudes, everything in this game is so spot on for a mobile app????

It keeps crashing

Its a fun game and all but it keeps crashing on my iPad


Gameplay is smooth an clear saving no issue

Wont Download

The app wont download. I have a lot of storage available. Definitely enough to download the app. It just wont do it. I cant find anyway to get help to download it. ?

Vehicle bug.. and no mission restart. --LAS VENTURAS--

Okay, I love GTA SA, some missions are challenging, but there are some glitches, like, no mission restart. Yep, every time I fail a mission, no "Do you want to restart the mission? YES NO" so, please fix that, and one thing. Whenever I enter a vehicle, even a Hunter, it keeps going left or right without me pressing the left/right button, please fix it, and it happened since a few missions after I started to do stuff in LV. Please fix this. Thank you. Now its fixed! Wooo!

Fix the bugs!!!

This game is good but to much bugs I cant even play right during flight training!!???

5 stars

The game is just as I remember when it first came out. Now if only GTA IV could be brought to IOS, it would be phenomenal!

Brings back memories

Thanks for bringing this to mobile



Love it

Takes me back to the good days of playing GTA


Gta is fun to ply

I have one request we all want

GTA was worth the money and I would be willing to pay 10$ for it but I have one request for this awsome game, please, and I mean PLEASE add online/ multiplayer. I know many people would like this and I personally loved online for GTA V but I would be so happy for it to be online 4 this game and thank you a lot ???


tn fr

I dont understand

I dont know why I cant get in the game. It will start to download then it will say it wasnt able to download. Please fix this. This was like my fav game ever.

Played on Xbox! GREAT

I played this on the Original Xbox now on mobile! This game is super fun for players who like a great story and to just have plain fun being a criminal!

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